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Why a Theme Party?

By organising your party around a particular theme you can can co-ordinate the whole party.

The entertainment, cake, food, tableware, decorations, balloons, games, activities, prizes can all be organised around the theme.
The children may like to dress up to suit the theme.

Choosing a theme.

You can choose the theme for the party by considering the following.

  • What is your child's favourite activity?
  • Who is your child's favourite character?
  • Does your child have an all involving interst? eg dinosaurs, transport.
  • Does the time of year or season lend itself to a theme i.e. beach parties in the middle of winter just will not work.
  • Also consider favourite colours or letters for the theme.

Most important discuss with you child and involve them. Even a three year old can tell you what they want.

Some Themes.

At children's Parties we have an ever increasing number of themes suitable for children of all ages. These include ideas for invitations, decorations, games and activites and food and drink. With a little thought they can be adjusted to suit different age groups. When you decide on an activity if you are not sure your child can cope with it then let them try it first and adjust the expectations if needed.

When you choose a theme check out this site.  They have a variety of themeware and tableware.


Kids Parties

Some of our themes:

Below are some of the themes that we have sheets for. Contact us for a free copy. If yours is not mentioned let us know and we will design one.


First Birthday Party

Art and Craft










Tea Party




And many many more