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Games to play inside- Quiet games!

The secret to a successful children's party is to have a good roster of games. Kids and kids at heart enjoy joining the fun and colorful games. It is important to have all the necessary materials for your game to work. Spare some cash from your savings accounts and treat your child to a memorable birthday party. Below are some ideas to help you.

Dog and the Bone

The children sit in a circle.

  • One child sits in the middle with his eyes shut and a bone behind him.
  • A person in charge points to one of the children in the circle.
  • That child has to creep in and get the bone and put it behind his back.
  • All children put there hands behind their back and say Doggie, doggie, who s got the bone?
  • The dog then opens his eyes and has to try to choose who has his bone. He has two guesses.
  • If he guesses correctly he has another turn. If he dosen t the child with the bone is the new dog.
  • The game then starts again.

Who Am I?

  • The children all sit in a circle.
  • One child is chosen to put his head down and close his eyes.
  • The leader then points to one of the children in the circle who says
    Who am I?
  • The child with his eyes closed has to open them and try to guess who it was.
  • If he guesses correctly he has another turn.
  • And so the game goes on.

Sleeping Lions.

When the leader calls out Sleeping Lions each child has to drop to the floor and lie as still as possible with eyes shut.
Anyone that moves is out.

Pass the Parcel

  • A present is wrapped in many layers of paper.
  • The children sit in a circle. Play some music and ask the children to pass the parcel around the circle.
  • Stop the music. The child holding the parcel unwraps just one layer of paper .
  • Start the music again and the children must pass the parcel around the circle again. Watch where you stop the music so that each child can have a turn.
  • The game continues until the parcel has been completely unwrapped and the winner gets the prize in the middle.

Mix em up.

  • Create two teams with equal number of kids.
  • Team A goes into another room and Team B switches some of their clothes and accessories with other team members. Keep track of how many items that you change.
  • Bring Team A back into the room and give them 5 mins to list as many items as they can see have been changed.
  • Now reverse this and let Team B leave the room. Give them 5 mins to guess and the winner is the one who guess the most items correctly.

Thanks Richard J from Weeribee

Wrap em up

  • Divide children into two teams.
  • Each team selects one person to be wrapped up.
  • Each team is give a few rolls of toilet paper and when the word "go" is given each team races to wrap em up. The team to totally cover the team member first is the winner.
  • Just a hint - take it slowly and you won't tear and paper and have to start again.

Balloons Up

  • Keep the balloon in the air the longest and win.
  • Game is played best with two people at a time so that you can have a play off at the end.
  • Each person bounces their balloon on their heads to keep it in the air - no hands, feet or other objects to help.
  • Winner is the one who keep sit up their the longest.
  • Make sure your area is clear so that you don't trip over.

Thanks Rebecca C. from Sandringham

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