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Easter Bonnets

Easter is a time when hat parades are very common. Many schools and clubs have Easter Bonnet parades.

We have scoured the net to find some ideas for you to use if you need to make a hat.

Easter Bonnets

You will need a large paper plate. Decorate the top of the plate with flowers cut out of coloured paper, and other decorations and stick them onto the plate. Get some bright ribbon and staple to the sides. Then put your bonnet on.

If you are having a party or have many children playing then you could have your own Easter Parade.

Easter Parade

The children make their own hats and have a parade wearing their hats marching to their favourite

music. You could have prizes for biggest, smallest, most colourful, creative hats. You can thhink of more. If a party then a prize of an egg or certificate can be given.

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